Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Found a "Paddle to the Sea"!

This afternoon the girls and I went for a walk on Lake Superior. Lately we have been looking for agates, and so our heads were down, eyes buried amongst the rocks, for most of our walk. However, near the end I grew tired of looking, and cast my gaze up into the dry sand and I was surprised to see a block of wood with writing on it. The backside of the wood was painted with some colorful stripes.

The block said: "Paddle to the Sea 2013, If found please contact James, Whitefish Township School, Paradise, Michigan, Please return boat to the water to continue the journey."

The girls became very excited, because we have read the book "Paddle to the Sea" by Holling C. Holling at least a dozen times!

 Now we actually get to take part in this journey/experiment. We took a few pictures with the boat and plan to send them, along with a letter and some information about Brimley to James. We are also going to ask him to share with us about where the boat traveled to if he gets any more contacts. We plan to go over all of the info with permanent marker and put a new coat of lacquer on top because it is already getting worn off. Then, we are going to take the boat into the Sault and release it in the St. Mary's river past the locks, so that it has a fair shot of traveling somewhere exciting.

This is such a great idea that the girls are inspired to make some more boats to send out this summer,, and also we want to read the book again. If you haven't read "Paddle to the Sea," we highly recommend it. Hopefully I will have another post to share someday about where James' boat traveled!

                                      Here is a quick "Paddle to the Sea" movie from YouTube:

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