Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Here is how we spent ours...

 On Saturday Steve took the girls out to the cabin. They spent the afternoon biking, but the real reason they went out was to tear up the carpeting. When we first bought the house in Brimley the carpeting was white....the big problem is that this lovely white carpeting ran not only through the living room but also under the dining room table! Carpeting under a dining room table grosses me out no matter what color, (it is up there with carpeting in the bathroom), but white? It didn't take long for our girls to prove that this is a VERY BAD IDEA. So, the carpet surrendered and came up easily,  and this coming week we will be replacing it with wood floors. I am so excited!........"What is that? You say you just spilled your entire glass of grape juice on the floor? No big deal, I'll just go get a rag." "Ooops, you just bumped Mommy's coffee cup....that's O.K." I am fantasizing how I might react and about how much easier it will be to clean up the daily disasters that occur in out house with wood floors. I am also imagining how much more likely I will be to invite company into our home. We had the carpeting cleaned once last year, but afterwards it seemed as if the stains only became worse and worse. I couldn't fight them anymore and we didn't have the money at the time to do the floors. It was so embarrassing that I literally didn't want to have company over for fear that they would think I never cleaned!

While Steve and the girls were working in Brimley I stayed in the Sault and did some spring cleaning/sorting, and also worked on washing the walls in the bathroom in an attempt to get all the sticky off of them after removing the wall paper. I felt like the boy from the Karate Kid..."wax on, wax off." Washing walls with tiny remnants of sticky paper all over them is actually a bit of an arm workout.

When Steve and the girls got home we dyed hard boiled eggs, as is the family tradition. We were enjoying ourselves so much I forgot to take any photos!

On Sunday morning the girls awoke to an Easter basket filled with oranges and plastic eggs containing gorp, (way to try and be healthy Easter Bunny.) There were a few eggs hidden around the house, but the jackpot was outside, and it had started pouring! I guess the Easter Bunny doesn't watch the weather channel. But, it didn't matter to the girls. Amid much shrieking emitted from Alaina's powerful lungs they suited up in their raincoats and ran around outside collecting their Easter treasure. These eggs had jellybeans in them, and managed to stay surprisingly dry. Of course these were the eggs the girls had been hoping to find. They had given up candy and most sweet treats for lent, and so it was a big deal to finally get to eat some again.
While this was going on Steve was frying up pancakes to take to our church's Easter breakfast. Then, it was off to the early church service that started at 8:30 a.m. (Steve invited his runners to accompany us and two of his male athletes came to church with us which was really nice.) The first service was special and many church members stood up to read passages from the Bible, including Steve and myself. Then everyone went downstairs and partook in an amazing potluck breakfast. There were so many yummy breads and rolls and muffins and egg casseroles...mmmmm! But, the best part of that meal for me was the fact that I got to drink my first cup of coffee since giving it up for Lent. It was a wonderful cup and I really enjoyed, but at the same time I couldn't help feeling a little guilty for drinking it because it had been such a challenge to avoid the temptation and it was just so easy to go and pour a cup. It was almost a bit of a it I had 'given in.' Then we stayed for the second service. It was my turn to teach the pre-school class so I taught a lesson using a homemade version of the 'Resurrection Eggs' that I found online. It really kept the kids attention as I let each child around the table open one of the eggs and then pass around the symbol found inside while I read the accompanying Bible passage. At the end of the lesson I gave the kids some plastic eggs to go hide around the room and we did a mini egg hunt, which was fun.

After church Steve and his two athletes went out to Brimley to do a 2 hour long run, (saying 2 hours and then long seems a bit redundant doesn't it?) and the girls and I came back into the Sault where we devoured far too many jellybeans, chocolates and egg salad sandwiches and spent the day relaxing/playing etc.

Overall it was a great weekend!

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