Wednesday, November 7, 2012


        Today was the calmest day we have ever experienced on our lake. It was so calm that sound was traveling great distances and normal things like woodpeckers, sounded like groups of Native Americans drumming in the woods today. This calm was mysterious.

        We have been playing a running game named "The Boggart" which is named after a scary character in a book we just read. It involves some pretending that the "Boggart" monster is chasing you. But, today on our run around the lake it was much easier to play this game. We really didn't have to pretend much with the strange sounds that kept emanating from the woods. It was so still and so special that the girls and I hopped on our bikes and road back out to the lake to take some quick video of the amazing reflections that were being cast into the water. They had fun dancing around and making their reflections do silly things, and even though my camera seems to be on the fritz or in it's last days, and isn't picking up color like it should, I am so thankful that it still managed to capture this amazing day. It must be the "calm before the storm," because it is just never this calm around here.

        Tonight the girls were asking Steve and I to tell them stories "from our heads." I told the girls a story of how their reflections creeped out of the water and switched places with them while I wasn't looking. This spooked them both a bit, because their reflections were really that clear! I wonder what kind of strange dreams they will have tonight? :)

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