Friday, April 4, 2014

April Fools Day: 2014

        Steve woke the girls up early this morning upon their request. When I woke up I discovered it was because they had tricks to prep. The first one they got me with was the good old "liquid soap on the bedroom door handle" trick...Yuck! It was immediately followed by the "rubber band around the handle of the sink sprayer" trick. I got soaked while trying to make my morning cup of tea. Later in the bathroom, and for every bathroom break after, I discovered messages written to me on the toilet paper roll. Those girls were pretty sneaky!

        We got Steve tonight at supper time with a trick we had prepped yesterday. We had dyed homemade butter mint dough green and then shaped it into little pea sized balls and let it dry over night.We thought for some powdered sugar, coconut oil, mint oil, and green dye they looked pretty realistic! "Eat your vegetables!"

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  1. These are some good jokes! -Ben Perry


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