Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There is nothing better than sharing a belly laugh with your children while reading. Today I read my three year old daughter, Alaina, a few books that produced such results. They are the "Elephant and Piggie Books" by: Mo Willems. Alaina and I always giggle our way through these and I LOVE them because the characters Gerald (the elephant) and Piggie (the pig) are such lovable characters. They express emotions that we can all relate to and they shine a light on the true meaning of friendship. Whenever I get done reading one of their books I always have a longing for a close friend like Gerald or Piggie. Today we read three titles( all by Mo Willems): "I Broke My Trunk!", "Pigs Make Me Sneeze!" and "Are You Ready to Play Outside?"

The story that hit home for me today was, "Are You Ready To Play Outside?" The weather has been cruddy this winter here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It has been too warm and wet for much of this winter to hit the cross country skiing trails, and I have been mumbling and grumbling that on the other days it has been too cold or windy. In this book Piggie reminds me much of myself. He wants to go play outside, but it is raining he throws a fit (Alaina always finds these emotional outbursts to be the funniest parts of the story). Finally, Piggie learns to enjoy the weather, but just as he does, the weather changes and Piggie needs to readjust again (with a little help from Gerald). Reading this book really helped to remind me that soon winter will be over and I will be kicking myself for not getting out there and making the best of it while I could. I have no control over what mother nature brings. I can only control my reactions to it. Gerald reminds me that I also effect those around me with my attitude towards the weather.Gerald goes out of his way to brighten Piggie's attitude. Gerald wants Piggie to be happy! If I grumble and complain, my family will likely follow suit. However, if I look on the bright side of each day and help my family to do so as well, then it doesn't matter what the weather brings. So we can't go skiing? There is always snowshoeing!

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