Friday, October 26, 2012

Timing Chip...munks?

The Annual Turkey Trot 5k that is hosted by Steve's LSSU cross country team is coming up in just a few weeks, so the girls and I have been getting outside and training every day for the the race.

Today I had a running experience that I will never forget. About a mile into our run the girls sprinted a bit ahead of me, and I was jogging along watching them leap over leaf piles when all of a sudden I felt my foot kick somthing wierd feeling. I looked down to see a chipmunk doing barrel rolls down the road in front of me, and right before I stepped on the poor little guy my mind realized what was going on and jerked my foot up. I screamed so loud! The little guy hobbled to the side of the road and then just sat there staring up at me in disbelief. He was obviously in shock, as was I. The girls sprinted back, and we all walked up to him as I "apologized." He slowly hobbled into some leaves and then sat down again, and I began to think that maybe he was hurt. He let us get so close that we could have picked him up in our hand. So, we just sat there for a while with him. It was such a strange experience because I literally almost squashed the little guy with my foot, and the way I sent him tumbling could only be equal to me getting kicked by an elephant.

After about five minutes the chipmunk slowly crept under a log and hid. I hope he is okay.

Maybe he wanted to be a timing chipmunk? :)

Well, if you need some motivation to get out on the road and run over small innocent animals with your own feet (just kidding PETA), then sign up for the Turkey Trot 5k (and win yourself a yummy turkey for Thanksgiving ...not kidding). The race brochure is below:

Turkey Trot 2012

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