Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Singing The Vacation Blues

          It has been two days since our family arrived home from a long vacation in Florida, and I feel as though we are all experiencing a bit of "vacation blues." It is really hard to jump back into the old routine... After vacation everything seems to be a bit less appealing. 

          I guess it doesn't help that upon our arrival home we discovered that our water wasn't running in the house. After some investigation under the house and an expensive visit from the "well pump man," we have discovered that the pipe between our well and our water tank has frozen. Yes, the pipe that is buried deep under the ground in the perma-frost. It was hard enough returning to ice, cold, and plenty of snow after days of sun and swimming, but this makes it even harder. Laundry is piling up, washing dishes and flushing toilets is a chore, and the thought of paying a plumber to unfreeze pipes is more frightening than the cost of Disney tickets!

          My Dad came along on our vacation and I am sure he is also suffering a similar depression from the new snow they just received downstate. 

          Each time we go to Florida we begin to appreciate the benefits of living in a warmer climate year round...the roads are smooth, the cars stay clean, and the people can exercise and keep their bodies lean. There is nothing to shovel, and little to rake, and no one goes to the tanning parlor to fake and bake. Sure there are more people and gators and sharks, and it's probably not safe to go walking in parks when it's dark....but someday I just might get sick of this cold, and grow some wings and let them unfold, I'll migrate to the south with the rest of that old flock, I'll become a snowbird...wouldn't that be a shock!

         Well, it would be a shock, because as unhappy as we are right now, in a few weeks spring will hopefully arrive, and we will quickly forget this painful winter, and be happy again to live in such a beautiful and amazing area. I love the weather in Florida, but I am not sure I could give up Michigan for it.

         In the meantime I will just watch our vacation video a little every day and reminisce until these vacation blues go away:

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