Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Has Sprung....A Leak!

     My calendar cheerfully announces that tomorrow is the first day of spring! My calendar is hopelessly optimistic. The bright cheery flowers blooming on it's glossy March page seem to mock me. I am starting to resent my calendar. It's always telling me what to know "spring forward," "fall backwards," "go to the dentist". In fact, I think it's kind of bossy if you ask me.Where was this calendar of mine printed anyways?....Hawaii???!!!
      If my calendar could take into account weather conditions (like the fact that heavy, wet snow was falling all day today, and we still have snow banks as high as our mailbox) then the "First Day of Spring" might not officially show up on it's pages until May. And, out of sympathy, it's bright flower picture would be replaced by something less insensitive, like comics,... for to survive these final days of our northern Michigan winter it is necessary to have a VERY good sense of humor:


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