Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A few years ago Autumn and Alaina's Uncle Craig went on a bike trip starting from the Sault and going all the way to California. When he left, he gave them his big stuffed gorilla from childhood, and they sent him with a little plastic gorilla and asked him to take photos of gorilla during the trip. He has been living in California ever since and taking photos of gorilla in all sorts of places ever since. He just sent them some more video and photos of gorilla and so they wanted to make him a video with Uncle Craig's gorilla to say "hi" back. Here are the videos: The first video is Uncle Craig's...he is an amazing photographer! I definitely want a few prints of some of the new photos he has been taking. The second two videos are obviously from the girls and I. But, we will take a few pointers from Uncle Craig and work on improving future videos :)

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