Saturday, May 19, 2012

Science Discoveries With Autumn # 2 (The Salamander)

Here is a video of the salamander that Autumn has been trying to catch for a week now. She was very excited to finally get one on camera for you to see! You can read more about salamnders at the website below:,4570,7-153-10370_12145_12201-61141--,00.html

We found out that we're not really supposed to handle them because they have such thin skin that it can absorb chemicals from us, so we probably won't pick them up anymore...but they are very interesting little guys...we definitely want to read more about them!


  1. Autumn, That was a interesting video of the salamander. Did you find it in the lake, a river or a big mud puddle? Because it had a flat tail I think it is a Mudpuppy salamander. North America has more kinds of salamanders then all the other continents according to a book we have called "North American Wildlife"

  2. Thanks Island Keeper,

    I found this salamander in a little stream that flows into our inland lake every spring. This year the water is already really low, and the stream is starting to dry up. It's outlet into the lake is already closed off.

    Just yesterday, I found another salamander on the other side of the lake!

    Thanks for the interesting fact! I didn't know we had more salamanders than any other continent.

    I am glad you watched my video. Hopefully I will find some more interesting creatures to share with you this spring.



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