Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was wonderful! First of all, the weather was gorgeous! Very sunny and hot. The girls had a gift that they were anxious to give me and as soon as Steve got home from his morning run they pulled me into the kitchen to show me.....my new air popcorn popper! I have always wanted one of these and would often make comments about how I would eat popcorn more often if it wasn't doused in butter from a microwave bag. We tried it out right away! It was exciting to watch and made a huge bowl that we ate for "breakfast." It must have been hard for them to wait and give me this gift because the night before we watched a movie and I was making popcorn in brown paper bags in the microwave and commenting that it would be better if I had a popper.....they were probably giggling inside thinking "we got Mommy the perfect gift."  Now, if you come to our house for a visit I am sure you will be served popcorn as a snack because I can tell it is going to be our thing all summer.

Later, we decided to put the sailboat in the lake. It is a job that we usually put off, but the wind was gently blowing towards our beach and we decided it would be fun to go for a sail anyways.

The water was so warm that the girls and even Steve jumped in! This is really unusual for this time of year!

It was just a relaxing and enjoyable day!


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