Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This afternoon I took the girls to the track to run off some energy. While we were there I discovered two things:

1. I am in terrible shape

2. It is much easier to memorize things while walking/running....Autumn decided to be ambitious and try to memorize an entire section of her AWANA book, so we wrote the memory verses out on small flash cards, and for the two hours that we were at the track running and walking she rehearsed the verses in her mind. She was amazed at how much easier and faster it felt to accomplish the task while exercising. We are definitely going to start combining memory work with our exercise time.

But, back to number one, the "out of shape" part. The realization came when Alaina managed to tap me during a game of tag! Yeah, she's fast, and I haven't formally worked out in ages, but she's three!

So, as soon as we got home I plopped the girls down with a snack and some drawing supplies and did a search online for triathlons that will be held in the area this summer. I decided it is time to set myself a goal. I am tired of just being a family cheerleader....My husband, Steve, is an avid runner and just recently took up triathlons and ever since I've known him he has been training for some race or another. He sets goals and actually gets to accomplish them. Everyday I also help the girls set and accomplish goals of their own. There is only so much time in the day for me, and it is so easy to say "my goal is to just make it through another day."

Well, no more! So here it is, my first big goal:
The Mark Mellon Memorial Triathlon, on Saturday, July 7, 2012, in Gaylord, MI. It is an Olympic distance race with a 1k swim, 40k bike, 10k run.

Barring major injury or illness I am going to be at this race this summer!Yes, I know it is only going to bring tortuous pain, but I need that motivation. It is going to be such a challenge, and I am scared I won't be able to do it. Just the thought of failing gives me anxiety....but aren't all good goals like that?

So, this evening, with this shiny new goal leaping in my mind I handed the bedtime duties over to Steve and scurried off to the SAC (our university's track/fitness center). It is so hard to workout when you are tired...and 9 p.m. felt really late, but once I hopped on the stair-stepper I woke right back up (from the pain in my legs.)

Well, there it is. I have a goal to look forward to apprehensively, and you have some blog posts about my training progress to look forward to reading!

P.S. Do any of you work-out in the evenings? Any good tips to simmer down after a workout? I think the hardest thing for me will be falling asleep quickly after getting so pepped up!

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